Wednesday, July 13, 2005

More Gitmo Vindication

Another false alarm on prisoner abuse per the latest "report" on Gitmo:


So we took the 20th 911 terrorist and did the following to him:

told him he was a homosexual, forced him to dance with a male interrogator, told him his mother and sister were whores, forced him to wear a leash and perform dog tricks, menaced him with a dog and regularly subjected him to interrogations up to 20 hours a day for about two months.

Ok, that's fine, no issue with 95% of rational people that a terrorist would receive such "soft" interrogation, when he was one of the animals who planed to be aboard a plane that would fly into the White House or WTC and kill 3,000 people. Just well done I say and you have much more latitude to do more to get him and the other to talk.

What did the soft tactic interrogations yield:

The Pentagon identified the man as Mohamed al-Qahtani and said he ultimately provided "extremely valuable intelligence." Schmidt said, "He admitted to being the 20th hijacker, and he expected to fly on United Airlines Flight 93," which crashed in Pennsylvania.

Again I'm completely good with this, take it a couple notches up and get more valuable info from the terrorists.

So what is the wrap on this sorry story:

As the bottom line, though, we found no torture. Detention and interrogation operations were safe, secure and humane," Schmidt said.

Ok no one cares about this story or any Gitmo story any longer. Proceed with your interrogations folks............................