Thursday, July 14, 2005

MoveOn Protests White House Demanding Rove Firing sponsored a demonstration today in front of the White House for fellow moon bats to call for Rove's firing:

MoveOn Protest

Conspiracy, conspiracy, conspiracy, was the talk of the crowd. Per Tom Matzzie Washington Director of MoveOn:

"Rove may be only the tip of the iceberg: What did the President and Vice-President and their top aides know about any of this, and when did they know it?" asked Matzzie. "Was Rove a lone actor? Or was he part of a wider group that sought to discredit Wilson because his story undermined the Administration's case for the invasion of Iraq"

Has all the trappings of the last MoveOn initiative and sponsored movement that being the Downing Street Memos. There are sure to be new hearings in the basement of Congress on card tables by some make believe committee manufactured by the Dems. Rove is however getting much more press than MoveOn's last endeavor, since one of MSM's own sits in jail. They are falling all over themselves on this one, again...........