Thursday, July 14, 2005

St. Louis Post Dispatch Rove Editorial

Well it would appear from this editorial that the Pravda Post does not care much about the "law" either in the Plame-Wilson-Cooper-Rove matter:

Political Agenda Editorial

I'm certainly not surprised that the Pravda Post is serving up a healthy portion of liberal red meat on this story. They are a liberal newspaper with an ultra-liberal editorial page and board. I am surprised that they totally ignore the law however in a story and issue that is completely about the law. Usually they at least drape their liberal promotions and propaganda in a thinly veiled factual base, although usually grossly distorted. In this editorial the Pravda Post simply fabricates an acknowledgement by Rove's attorney that Rove disclosed Wilson's wife's name.

Rove did not name Wilson's wife however if he had, that's not illegal. To have broken the law Rove would have needed to know that Plame was an undercover agent, and he would have had to disclose that she was an undercover agent knowingly and with intent. That certainly did not happen based on the facts that we know from Mr. Coopers notes.

The Post like a majority of liberal MSM organization, don't care about the facts in this matter. What they care about is trying to do damage to President Bush, due to their ultra liberal agenda. They don't care about printing the truth and an accurate presentation of the story, all they care about is getting Rove to get Bush. Again that's not surprising because anyone who reads the Post and trust their reporting is an ultra liberal activist. Over 50% are like me. I read it because it is the only paper in town and I give it about 5% credibility on a scale of 100%, on political matters. As long as you know you are dealing with an unreliable source that's ok. You just don't put any stock in what they say in their Op-Ed pieces or for that matter in the theme of their news coverage. Rather you focus on the local offerings and the entertainment sections.

The Pravda Post has no credibility and Op-Ed pieces like this prove it. There was a day that I would have written a letter to the Editor but no longer. I simply don't waste my time because the Post is a political activist paper and that is what they want to be. Lee Publishing is apparently ok with that and where that will take their investment. Besides I get my news from the new media (a quicker and more trusted sources - 100's of papers and organizations) and I have a blog and can write here on the Pravda Post's disingenuous literary short comings and don't need to submit a letter to the editor. That works for me.........................