Thursday, July 14, 2005

Is Law Secondary Matter In Rove Story?

Susan Rice at the Huffington post has a post up that gives clarity to the entire Rove matter:

Law Who Cares About The Law

Ms. Rice states:

Rove’s defenders are blowing nothing but smoke at America – using a diversionary tactic to focus the public on a secondary issue. Whether or not Rove broke the law, there are two reasons why he must go

Huh? The law is a “secondary issue”??? How can any logical person say that the law is a secondary issue, when the whole matter is a legal matter that has a special prosecutor and investigation? The whole story is: did someone, in this case Karl Rove, break the law by telling a journalist that Plame was an undercover agent for the CIA. The facts thus far say no he did not.

Sorry Ms. Rice but we do live by the rule of law here in the US, and that is what is in question here. If something as annoying as the law gets in the way of the liberal machine on this matter, so be it. This post makes the lack of interest in the “law” by the left abondantely clear and why they are way off base on the Rove matter.