Thursday, July 14, 2005

Good News From Iraq

Some very encouraging news out of Iraq via Fox:


Sunni leaders and Sheik's calling on the Sunni population to participate in the political process is a very good sign. It appears that the attitude of some might be changing as it relates to the new government.

"Boycotting the last elections ... deprived the people of opportunities," said Sheik Adul Jabbar Qadri, preacher at the Fattah mosque in the largely Sunni town of Beiji. "Now everyone feels this was a mistake and that all Iraqis should participate."

The Sunni population would be wise to participate and become part of new government instead of futile attempts to prevent it. This guy I think said an interesting thing however:

Zuhair Abdullah, another Ramadi resident said none of the elected officials "has given us electricity, freedom or security. They only look out for their own interests. I'll participate only if there are honorable candidates who care about our interests."

They have freedom, but building on that freedom and forming a strong government will give them security, and defeat the terrorist element................