Thursday, June 09, 2005

St. Louis Want's To Join St. Louis County - Here Are The Conditions

Channel 5 NBC STL had a lead in story on the 10PM news that the city of STL is broke and can not pay to retain qualified Circuit Attorneys (CA) to prosecute criminals. They pointed out that the average wage of a CA was $37,000 per year. That is a very low wage to pay someone with a law degree to put criminals where they belong. Any questions why so much crime goes unpunished in the blue dot?

The city is putting on the up-and-coming face and trying to make themselves attractive for a merger with the county. Well here is the deal:

- We know you are near bankrupt and the silk dressing re-development is not selling
- Your tax rate is too high and driving the remaining business out or to a much less attractive net-net
- metro STL is just not a good place to do business given the tax structure and lack of 7 day business flow

I will vote against it like I think 90% of the county voters for the city joining the county unless they are a one vote ward of the country government. STL metro would have to have just one vote like Maryland Heights, Ballwin or Wildwood. Same vote and same say, one city gets one vote and metro STL has one vote per current STL metro lines.

Also there would have to be no financial liability involved in the transaction, meaning that the current city debt and liabilities are paid by the city and city residents on the date they migrate into the county government as a one vote member.

I think it's better to keep the city and county governments separated but if it moves toward one, then the above is what it will take to get it done. I have serious issues bringing in a town into the county that is bankrupt and can not pay to put criminals away..................