Wednesday, June 08, 2005

Free Speech In America Even For People Who Hate Us

Powerline has a post that pretty much tells it all


"Don’t be afraid...we have a legal permit...come and join us...don’t be afraid to speak out...This is not like the countries back at home where you raise your voice against the government and they take you in for torture. No...this is one of the loopholes of this government. We have the right to put this flag down and step on it."

Yes everyone has that right, because this is a free society with free speech that a great deal of Americans have died to protect for me,you, and all Americans. I sense that these guys might just not understand the depth of what exactly that means or appreciate it correctly. I also sense that they are the loudest voice of Islam I hear these days, actually the only voice I hear. If Islam is not made up of a violent majority, then where is the voice of moderation and non-violence from the Islamic majority? I simply do not hear it and it is not visible aside from the liberated in Afganistan and Iraq. Time will tell but the silence and absence of peaceful and non-violent Islamic people is deafening outside of the liberated Iraq and Afganistan region.