Tuesday, June 07, 2005

Values Define Who Americans Vote For

So with the Dean racist statement against Christians, how do the Democrat Christians feel about that statement? How about Black, Hispanic, Asian, or other non-white Republicans? That will be the interesting thing to follow the next year leading up to Nov 2006. Dean has without a doubt made a racist statement in a racist and religious context.

USA Today

If anyone wonders why more social conservatives of all races are moving to the RNC with Soros and Dean running the DNC, here it is:

Though Republicans still win only a fraction of the black vote, the trend is up: President Bush gained last year among blacks, rising from 8% to 11%. More worrisome for Democrats as they look at future swing states, Bush went from 9% to 16% among black voters in Ohio — the state that gave him the presidency with a 2-percentage-point win. Among Hispanics, the fastest growing part of the electorate and once reliably Democratic, Bush went from 35% to more than 40% nationally.

Black, Hispanic, Asian, and all other non-white voters are in the RNC and should be in the RNC. People of all race make up the RNC, and they are people of shared values. Just like the DNC, but the DNC platform has very different values as the corner stone, and it's a loosing set of values in elections and when presented to the American people. It's pretty much that simple I'd say, if you don't share the core social values of your party then you should find a party that you do share values with.

It's America, you can and should vote for who you share the most in common with.