Tuesday, June 07, 2005

Bush & Blair Talk African Aid - Not Live 8

Here is the Times report of Bush & Blair (BB) and the African aid joint policy. No not the Live 8 crap that lets a bunch of washed up stoner singers get together and gain some prime time and then give a little bitty clip of money to the cause, after expenses of course. No we are talking about real relief, not a joint and a smile


But there are conditions, as there should be with any real and good policy. That's what separates old stoner singers from real policy. No joint and sometimes no smile.

Both leaders made clear, however, that large-scale increases in African aid would go only to those countries that showed that they were serious about tackling corruption and promoting open markets. “This is not a something-for-nothing deal,” Mr. Blair said.

So why isn't the UN enforcing the distribution of aid in Africa to make sure it goes to those who need it? Oh that's right, the whole UN Oil for Money scandal, we can not trust the UN with relief money or any money. The blue helmets are more interested in raping children in Africa and continuing their corrupt networks rather than helping people. Their next scandal "Food for Sex" it appears. So why do we still have the UN? Seriously, time for the UN to go away...................................