Friday, June 10, 2005

Senator Durbin Scolds Liberal Press For Not Protecting Dems

A telling comment from Illinois Senator Dick Durbin on the questioning from Fox’s Brian Wilson, at the Dean – Reid news conference


The Senator from the east bank of the river seemed mighty upset with the other pool of reporters who it would appear did not “protect” Dean and Reid from being asked real questions and hard questions about their leadership.

I find it incredible that a democrat Senator would be so bold to publicly say what we all know, that being the liberal media does protect the Democrats and their agenda and does not go after them like they do the Republicans. But to come right out and say it publicly is astounding.

Here is what Durbin told the pool of reporters: He singled out FOX's Brian Wilson especially, telling other reporters later that Wilson "owned that press conference. He owned it. YOU should be ashamed."

What does that mean: He (Wilson & Fox) owned the press conference (asked Democrats hard questions), and YOU (liberal MSM) should be ashamed that you let him and did not protect us like you are suppose to…………………………