Thursday, June 16, 2005

Post Dispatch Under Coverage of Durbin Statement

You know you have credibility issues as a newspaper and news provider when the Guardian covers a story better than you on a regional issue…………..


Here is how the Post reported the Durbin statement

Post's Durbin Coverage

Buried deep in an AP article that headlines a call to set detainees rights by Republican Senator Arlen Specter R-PA. No headlines, no focus, not even a dedicated story line.

How in the world can even a socialist European newspaper understand the news worthiness of the Durbin comment, and give it a headline but the St. Louis Post Dispatch does not see the importance?

Senator Dick Durbin represents the neighboring state of Illinois and the Post subscription has a large number of Illinois residents. His statement should have been addressed in the Editorial today it has that kind of significance in this area. To run the story in the manner that the Post did means one thing I think and one thing only, a blatant attempt by the Post to run cover for a political ally. Durbin shares the same ultra liberal political leanings that define the management and much of the staff at the Post. One thing for sure, the way the Post chose to cover this story certainly can not be described as “watch dog journalism”. What Durbin did is terrible and deserved to run on the front page in a dedicated article.

I will guarantee you that if the statement had been made by “Any” Republican Senator it would have been on the front page, hands down.

It would appear that the UK’s Guardian has less liberal bias in its coverage than the Post. Now that’s scary……………………………….