Wednesday, June 15, 2005

St. Louis PBS Producers Ask That You Contact Reps

In todays Pravda Post, Patrick Murphy Executive Producer of KETC wrote a letter to the editor asking viewers to call their representatives on behalf of PBS

Murphy's Political Plea

I thought of this post from earlier this year when PBS called asking me for money

No Money For Biased Coverage

I especially thought this was humorous:

Public broadcasting has come under fire before - during the Nixon and Reagan administrations - and survived, because the viewers have risen in its defense.
It would be a national tragedy if partisanship and politics killed public broadcasting. Please, make your opinion known to those who are deliberating on the future of what many Americans consider a national treasure.

Of course those Partisan Republicans, asking something as totally unfair as to have the network that we fund report in a fair and balanced way, and not have ultra agenda driven reporters like Moyers reporting OpEd as news. How dare those right of center ask for such a thing from the enlighten liberal left staff at PBS?

Well I am going to contact my representatives and tell them just how strongly I feel about this and if they want my vote PBS had better have the screws put on them to clean house and start having objective and balanced coverage. Thanks Mr. Murphy, for the great suggestion.