Tuesday, June 14, 2005


Rasmussen has a great report and survey on the Social Security "QUESTION"....

Social Security Reform

The summary: Some Congressional Democrats have suggested that no change of any kind should be made in the nation's Social Security program. Just 28% of Americans favor that approach.

Here are the real numbers:

- Only 28% want to have no change collectively.
- 60% Oppose doing nothing and CALL for REFORM

From a party perspective here is how it looks:

- Democrats want: 45% ACTION to reform Social Security NOW - 43% want no action
- Republicans want: 75% ACTION to reform Social Security NOW - 16% want no action
- No party - Third Party: 61% ACTION to reform Social Security NOW - 23% do nothing

You would have to be as my uncle said "Thick" in the head not to understand what Americans want - "Reform of Social Security"....................

However, Harry Reid, Nancy Potosi, and Howard Dean are a "bit" thick, and they are doing just that, obstucting reform and saying no....................

If your older that 55 no problem you get the old plan. It's the Personal Plan that has lots of people concerned. Well I have made on average 12% in the private market during good time and bad the past 20 years when average out. I expect to make another 12% over the next 20 year. Mostly in Index Funds, so if the S&P makes money I do and it has very limited fees. The Social Security fund pays out a zero investment return, it's just a bad investment in terms of returns and a socialist governance with my money and yours.

If your younger than 55 then you better have a hell of an investment program because the plan will pay out in the range of 50% unchanged. So re-adjust your plan and get ready for living on 50% of your social security pay in unless you demand reform from the obstructionist Democrats. They are stealing your retirement and security under a socialist agenda.