Wednesday, June 15, 2005

Apologist Coverage of Good News From Iraq

While blogging this PM I was watching the local news on NBC channel 5 and Karen Foss did the same usual Iraq lead in, with tough news. Then almost as if apologizing, she stated "and now some good news from Iraq":

Iraqi Forces Free hostage

My God, what great news and what a telling event on the progress being made in Iraq. the Iraqi forces found and freed a coalition hostage. Now that should tell you which way the tide is flowing if you want to believe the truth.

Ms. Foss, there is nothing to apologize for in reporting one of hundreds of daily positive and good stories about Iraq. There are places you can learn the truth about what is going on in Iraq and put it into your newscast if you would like. Its right here:


It will take you real close to a day to read about all the very positive things going on in Iraq but its worth it. Just think, enough material to offset each tough story and then several more to show why we are there and why it's worth it and why we are winning. One condition, you have to abandon the liberal mindset that the Iraq war is "bad" and the liberal leaning to criticizes all things military. This is about facts and what is actually happening, not OpEd journalism. Read it, I think you might be enlightened.

The MSM can say they support the troops all they want with a wink, but they are of the same mindset as Sen. Durbin and hate the military action in Iraq. It goes beyond not understanding it or having the stomach for it, its ideology. You can not support the troops without supporting why they are there.