Wednesday, June 15, 2005

PBS Hires Ombudsman & REVISES Editorial Practices

So PBS is hiring a ombudsman and "REVISING" their editorial practices in light of the liberal bias light being shown on them bright and clear over the past few weeks.


PBS, which rejects accusations of liberal bias, said it has been reviewing its procedures since before Republicans in Congress moved to cut its financing. The Republican chairman of the Corporation for Public Broadcasting, Kenneth Y. Tomlinson, has specifically accused the show hosted by Bill Moyers of featuring guests hostile to conservative views.

So if they reject accusations of the liberal bias why are they changing their editorial practices and hiring an ombudsman? Well they are doing nothing really its all window dressing. Just like the Daniel Okrent stint at the NYT's after the Jayson Blair scandal, it's just to try and turn the light off them.

Well that's not going to work, PBS is accountable to the American tax payers and must uphold a unbiased editorial and reporting agenda. If not, then they loose the money and can go completely independent. For every Moyer you have to have a Rush. Better yet don't have either and report fair and balanced without a bias and just give the viewers the news and information, without a deep liberal leaning agenda.