Tuesday, June 14, 2005

Evidence Proves Kofi Lied And Is Guilty

Well what do you know, the old socialist guard at the UN have been lying to the world

Kofi Smoking Gun

A new memo that shows that Kofi lied about meeting with Cotecna Inspection Service, the company that hired his son, and one of his son's Kojo's supervisors was a life long friend Michael Wilson.

Fox has the evidence that shows an email from Kofi's life long friend and Kojo's supervisor Michael , that proves that Wilson sent an email to Cotecna management saying that he had a meeting with the soon to be former Secretary General, where the following occurred:

"We had brief discussions with the SG [the acronym for secretary-general] and his entourage. Their collective advise [sic] was that we should respond as best as we could to the Q and A session of the 1-12-98 and that we could count on their support."

Well Kofi is a socialist crook, as I always knew and he kept Saddam Hussein in power due to his corrupt UN government and money grab. Without the Oil for Food fraud money it can be argued that Saddam would not have held on to power.

Kofi is a dead man walking and the stench of the corruption at the socialist UN is overwhelming. A great deal of heads had better roll on this and the whole rat's nest had better be cleaned out or America should completely stop all funding of the UN.