Thursday, June 16, 2005

Post Dispatch Promotes Liberal Bias

So why does the Pravda Post have a liberal agenda? Read the Post Platform:

"I know that my retirement will make no difference in its cardinal principles, that it will always fight for progress and reform, never tolerate injustice or corruption, always fight demagogues of all parties, never belong to any party, always oppose privileged classes and public plunderers, never lack sympathy with the poor, always remain devoted to the public welfare, never be satisfied with merely printing news, always be drastically independent, never be afraid to attack wrong, whether by predatory plutocracy or predatory poverty."

-- statement by Joseph Pulitzer, April 10, 1907

Might have been relevant in 1907 but its a bit out dated today and real rusty. The Post continues to live outside their platform with watch dog journalism applied only to only right of center issues. So, is not the best described as the "Pravda Post" the Pravda Post?

It's a socialist democrat newspaper that is ultra left and they love living where they live. Well ok, we shall see how that plays out with the new ownership and the subscribers......