Thursday, June 16, 2005

Why Do Democrats Hate America & America's Military Hero's?

You know if 67% of Americans think that the conditions at Gitmo are acceptable and 59% think that the detainees are living better than back home, what is the noise from the ultra liberal left all about?

75% say keep it open and the MSM and Dems beat the drum of closure, what is that all about? Do they simply not understand the opinion of America or simply don't care how we feel? I don't think it is either.

I simply thing that the DNC and the Dems are lost in the ghost spirit of Vietnam and will never escape that mindset. They are defeatists who are also pacifist. If you are a pacifist then no war is good regardless of the cause. You can do the PR and give the "we support the troops" wink, but in their core they are anti-military.

Need proof, well here is Sen. Dick Durbin giving you just that:

Durbin Hates America

It's not even a full moon and the moonbats are flying thick and heavy................

Durbin is the Assistant Minority Leader of the Senate. That makes him top level leadership of the DNC. He, Reid, Dean and Pelosi speak loud and clear for all Democrats and for the Democratic party. When Durbin said our military acted like the Nazis he spoke as a leader of the Democratic party and for the party, period.....