Friday, June 10, 2005

Hugh Hewitt Asks Why The Media Bias On Iraq?

Hugh Hewitt is asking “how to explain the unrelenting skepticism directed at the reconstruction of Iraq” by the MSM?


Hewitt answers it I think in the post here: a deep anti-military bias in the media. One that begins from the premise that the military must be lying, and that American projection of power around the world must be wrong.

And here: I think that that is a hangover from Vietnam, and I think it's very dangerous

My theory has always been that the ghost of Vietnam and the counter culture of the sixties and early seventies is what drives the MSM coverage. From distrust of all government (I’d say hate for government) to anti military convictions (I’d say hate here as well), the core inner compass that directs media coverage springs from the anti Vietnam anti establishment culture that defines members of the MSM.

Even journalists who did not live through that era, were educated by and tutored by people who did and people who hold that agenda at the center of their work.

I’ve posted on it many times that the ghost of Vietnam and the counter culture convictions are the glasses that most members of the MSM see through as they look out at the present and future. With that type of perspective, I think it’s hardly surprising that we see the “anti-military” and “anti-establishment” coverage that we see today in the MSM. Even on such critically important issues like the War on Terrorism.

The media should investigate and hold everyone accountable including government and the military, but the venomous bias and agenda that they apply to their coverage of both these days, is much too extreme and unfairly focused with a self serving political slant.