Saturday, June 11, 2005

Frank Rich Becomes A Total Artisan Impressionist Journalist

Frank Rich is one of the most haughted of all journalists by the Vietnam war and Watergate. In his June 12th offering he enters the New York Time Machine and takes up permanent residency back in the early 70's.

Frank Rich Goes Back In Time To His Motivation

Rich is a reporter who writes on Art & Entertainment as well as everything evil in the world that moderate to right of center people have done, are doing, and are planning to do. I have issues with Art & Entertainment reporters covering non-art material in the paper as I have said here:


I guess it might be the artisan in people like Rich, Eric the Mink, and Krugman, that allows them to separate from the real world facts and enter that creative dimension of making up what they want to to promote influence. Artistic creation journalists tend to forget facts and reality and just go with their own impression and or desired impression. They creation an agenda driven interpretation of what the person, group, organization or subject is doing, has done or why it happened. It certainly is not good journalism but it is done within the boundaries of journalism and in an active journalistic role, and that is the serious problem. I call it "Artisan Impressionist Journalism".

The MSM has provided Artisan Impressionist Journalist like Rich the canvas to paint their distorted and agenda driven impression of the facts. It sells well with other Artisan Impressionist subscribers. They love to read in print, see on TV, see it at the movies or hear on radio. A theory very separated from facts that supports their own neurosis. It feeds their insatiable hate for government, the military, big business, capitalism, and America in essence. The European socialist democracy that the Artisan Impressionists desire, is based in none of that. A nirvana of their ultra left freedoms without the establishment that ensures all freedoms that they are free to participate in. They hate the freedom that brings them the right and opportunity to engage in the experience that defines them and they so enjoy and fulfills them. Saying this view is short sighted and irrational is less than complete in analyzing it.

Rich is very close to clinically insane, due to the uncountable findings and facts that continue to discredit him and the Artisan Impressionist MSM. They are being separated further and further from the reality of America and Americans. They are being flushed literally out of the sphere of creditability and relevance in the minds of rational Americans and a rational America. That is why only 28% of all Americans rate the MSM "credible".

There is so much more to write and post on related to the irrational Artisan Impressionist rants of Frank Rich in his latest offering. I plan to post much more on this matter as I'm sure many others are. However this is my first impression, and that impression could not be further separated from the Rich lead Artisan Impressionist MSM mindset and agenda.............................We need journalists in America that are not Artisan Impressionist journalist if we are to hear and learn the truth.........................