Friday, June 10, 2005

Edmund Fruchter's Post Article

Where do the MSM liberal replacements come from? Well places like Washington University here in STL via a student journal "Political Review"

MSM Spawn

Edmund Fruchter a junior at Washington University is the author of the article and is on the Washington University Political Review, a student journal at Wash U. I'm not sure how distinguished of a publication the Political Review is at Wash U, but I could not find it on the University web page or on Google, so I don't think it has much standing. However, the Post liked Edmund's article and I can see why. He is the spawn of publications like the Post.

Poor Edmund is lost in conspiracy and very focused on the Downing Street Memo. Edmund and other ultra liberals think that the Iraq war intelligent was "fixed" so we could justify going in. The whole dead British biological weapons expert (David Kelly) hysterical ultra left conspiracy, via a college kid here in STL. Powerline has the best summary on a factual recount and the mainstream dismissal of Edmund's theory:

Sorry Edmund It's Not True

Edmund would do well to read the Sun article and Powerlines post on this before he embarrasses himself again. His smoking gun could not be colder, but like must MSM people, the mindset is not interested in facts or reality, rather it's focused on promoting their own agenda. Here is the summary to Edmunds "Great Story" via Powerline:

The only dissent from the party line I've seen so far is in the Sun, which leads with this summary: "Downing Street was dramatically cleared last night of 'sexing up' a dossier on Iraqi arms. Tony Blair and his media supremo Alastair Campbell emerged as the clear winners from the first day of the Hutton inquiry into the suicide of Dr David Kelly, 59."

The media frenzy in England is a little frightening to observe. A lynch mob mentality is at work, and no one in the pres seems to care much what the facts are. And, ironically enough, the conventional wisdom is that it is Tony Blair's credibility that is at issue. As bad as the current press coverage of Iraq is in the U.S., it is far worse overseas.

Perhaps Edmund has a future writing overseas for a even more ultra liberal socialist leaning subscribers. One would like to tell young Edmund to gain some perspective and return from his moonbat journey, but you can tell from his article he is to far gone on the reality spectrum to return to a rational base. He will probably write for a paper like the Post and will provide future subscribers with the types of undersights that Erik Mink provides the current Post readers.........................