Friday, June 10, 2005

Artists Don't Make Good Journalists

Free Will has a good post on the Central High year book debacle

Central Year Book

First I want to give Creg William props for his statements and actions. He did what a Superintendent should do in such a case and I think did it well. He will be a gain for STL as a Superintendent.

Who did not do a good job? Union Prez Armstrong ( why am I not surprised by a union President sticks their foot up their..........Mouth):

Teachers union President Mary Armstrong joined Williams in calling the yearbook "totally inappropriate." But she also said that Perry, an art teacher with no journalism training, may have regarded the content as free speech.

Why am I not surprised that press-art-free speech is the center of this conversation. Is it not more important that factually correct and the true story be told and reported without artistic renderings? This is why we have the MSM we have today, lots of art people writing news..................

Free speech? Not when it come to publishing the content that was contained in this publication.

Even more telling is was the ACLU's Thomas Blumenthal's statement:

But at a magnet school that emphasizes the arts, Blumenthal said, he finds such censorship troubling. "The result is you are dampening freedom of expression for individual students," Blumenthal said. "The school is caught in a dilemma where they have to decide whether to foster that freedom, or decide that they don't want to offend."

Well I find Blumenthal offending and troubling. I can tell you it would be different if my kid went to Central................