Saturday, June 11, 2005

Caddy Shack Repeat Without The Baby Ruth

We went to Six Flags STL today and had a really good time. The kids really enjoyed the rides and after about four hours of going ride to ride, we headed to the water park Hurricane Harbor. It was very crowded as I'm sure most had the same idea we had, that being cool of in the afternoon in the water after a day of sun and fun.

Just as we arrived the alarm went off and the life guards made everyone leave the huge main wave pool. They announced that it would be closed for about an hour for "treatment". Treatment for what? Well it seems that someone, decided to replicate the pool scene from Caddy Shack, only without the Baby Ruth bar as a prop. They went with the real thing for their presentation......................................

Needless to say, we packed up and headed home. The web page picture of the new water ride the "Tornado" give a new visual for me now after today's events. Kind of looks like a type of plumbing device to me. It has a bowl shape, has running water that working with gravity delivers an item into a holding area. It would appear that if the creators of the ride were looking to "scare the sh.t out of the riders, then it appears that they have succeeded based on today.................

Tornado Toilet

Baby Ruth