Sunday, June 12, 2005

Artisan Impressionist Journalism - AIF

I'm the creator and inventor of the phrase:

"Artisan Impressionist Journalism". AIF for short.

Here is the logic of the AIF:

I guess it might be the artisan in people like Rich, Eric the Mink, and Krugman, that allows them to separate from the real world facts and enter that creative dimension of making up what they want to to promote influence. Artistic creation journalists tend to forget facts and reality and just go with their own impression and or desired impression. They creation an agenda driven interpretation of what the person, group, organization or subject is doing, has done or why it happened. It certainly is not good journalism but it is done within the boundaries of journalism and in an active journalistic role, and that is the serious problem. I call it "Artisan Impressionist Journalism".