Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Time for a 2005 Abortion Discussion

With the Miers discussion focused on the "abortion" question, I think that this article in WaPo by Patricia Bauer is a must read that gets to the heart of the Roe vs. Wade debate for me:


Mrs. Bauer makes a very effective argument from a very personal grounding on why "the decision" is too personal and too complicated to have "any" government decided this matter. How could a government agency or bureau decided such a deeply personal question? It's insane to think that they could. We have seen how ineffective all forms of government were after the hurricanes (local, state, and federal and equally ineffective). Government simply is not very effective in the least personal matters that are process driven and logistically based. My goodness, why would we allow organizations that can't simply delivery 100,000 bottles of water for a couple days, take over control of who can have an abortion? Think about that.................................

Mrs. Bauer gives notice to those aborting children that don't fit their "custom child profile" that they could be making a huge mistake. I agree totally with her point. It's not a scold but a "have your considered"...............She does not tell us if she had "the test" but we do understand from her article that knowing what she knows now she would not have had an abortion. That is a personal choice that I feel was made by the right people. Mrs. Bauer also addresses the question of whether the Roe vs. Wade debate needs to be "upgraded" from a debate perspective when considering the technology that is available today vs. the 70's and the results that this new technology is having in our society because of technology options.

Sounds like it's time to have a 2005 discussion on "the" most personal decision out there, but for me it will still be a personal decision. I can't image validation otherwise.

I'm a very strong Republican and contrary to the MSM coverage, a large percentage of the moderate to middle right feel the same way that I do. It's time for a new perspective and debate on this matter...........................