Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Bill Clinton Pitches Hillary's 2008 Platform

Former President Clinton seems to have the role of testing the platform and agenda for his wife's coming run for the Presidency in 2008. Per the AP he was testing her platform in Canada today:

Bill Pitches

The Hillary platform today per Bill:

Former President Clinton asked an audience of Canadian business executives to help end child poverty and terrorism by embracing the outside world and its many religions. Clinton named global warming as another looming threat to the planet and called on the audience to demand that their government explore more alternative energy sources.

So look for "child poverty", "global warming" and a delusional "terrorism policy" to take center stage as of now. Child Poverty is a good issue to pursue, however a socialist left doctrine has already failed repeatedly on this matter so I doubt the left can come up with an effective plan. Global warming, is a winner and safe issue for those left of center and has lots of new focus now due to the "hurricane season" of 2005.

The policy Clinton pitched our Canadian neighbors on terrorism is a slightly more focused plan than he had himself will in office. Clinton ignored the growing threat for eight years while it grew into the beast that attacked America on 911 and killed 3,000+ Americans. At least the "Hillary Platform" he pitched today identifies it and states that "something" has to be done. It is however eerily similar to his own policy and is a call for more "reaching out" than hunting down and killing of terrorist:

"We have no excuse now for not building a world with more partners and fewer terrorists," he said. "We cannot kill, jail or occupy all of our enemies." He said: "We have to find a way to reach that other half of people in the world who don't know we care about them."

Clinton did not get it when he was in office and it resulted in 911 and he does not get it now. I hope Hillary will make the "embrace them" not "kill them" policy that Bill pitched today, because his "pacifist terrorism policy" is a loser today in a Hillary platform just like it was in Bill's platform in the 90's..........