Friday, October 07, 2005

Miers Voted For Regan In 1984 - Like Everyone Else

Drudge has a post up that says Miers voted for Regan in 1984, and that was the start of her political evolution.


For those Republicans who are not impressed with Miers, I'm not thinking the Regan vote in 1984 is going to do a lot to turn their opinion around much. I think just about everyone voted for Regan in 1984 including lots of democrats didn't they?

Regan 1984

Yet the campaign of 1984 developed no clear issues. Mondale charged that Reagan would cut social security benefits and raise taxes after reelection and criticized the huge federal deficits. Reagan, who said little of his program for a second term (except that he would not raise taxes), spoke of America "standing tall" again. The president's radiant optimism, plus the continued economic recovery, produced a stunning victory. Reagan won 59% of the vote and carried 49 states.

In fact the only state Mondale won was his home state of Minnesota...............................