Saturday, October 08, 2005

Time For The One Issue Republicans To Leave

I've said here that I'm fine with the Miers nomination because:

A) I trust that Bush knows Miers better personally than probably about any nominee that has been made in 100+ years. I believe that she is right of center politically and that she will not "legislate" from the bench. Sounds good to me........

B) I have no obsession to reverse Roe vs. Wade, because I actually don't think it should be. That is one of about three things that make me a "moderate" republican. I'm a neo-con on other issues (ie: War on Terror & Defense) so it all washes out as a moderate-republican I think. That said I think birth control via abortion is a hideous practice but when all is said and done, I think its too personal of a decision to have it legislated by government. If we disagree then fine, I don't need or want to agree with everyone politically, including people within my own Republican Party. I'm not a fan of laws that regulate adherence to faith issues, that is a very scary proposition. To me that is what free will and faith is all about. "For our actions we will all answer on our last day here and our first day there" and I see faith as a personal thing that we all answer individually and none of us need "laws" that keep us on track related to that matter.................

All this said, the Miers nomination appears to be in "deep" doubt because of mostly right of center opposition. Per Mystery Pollster, the CBS poll has very bad news for the Miers nomination:


Summary: Miers looks much more like Robert Bork than Clarence Thomas in the polling numbers. She is not even in the same country let alone the same zip code as Roberts. Here are the numbers:

Should The Senate Approve

Candidate Yes No Can't Say NA
Miers: 14% 13% 70% 3%
Bork: 14% 13% 66% 7%
Thomas: 24% 11% 59% 6%
Roberts: 35% 10% 49% 6%

I don't think it will happen but Miers could be Borked by Republicans..........................What would that mean? God only knows but the "extreme" right single issue anti-abortion crowd is starting to do more than cause static within the party. It sounds like they are considering dropping out. I'm thinking that it might be a good idea for them to be pushed out to an island of their own. They could win a seat here or there as an independent party, more in some states than others, but they would be a very minor party free to engage in their own singular cause that defines their reason for being in politics. I think the "single issue republicans" might like that better also. If that is their "only" issue then let them be in a party that has only that issue in their platform. That is a single issue party that can't win........

The "single" issue anti-abortion Republicans can not be allowed to make the Republican party an extremist party like the current Democratic party. The current Extremism of the democrats is the margin that allows the shedding of the hard core anit-abortion republicans, and I say its time to do just that. The core party of the Republicans would survive and do so in a very healthy fashion I think.

The election success of the next two cycles will be about who is closest to the middle - moderate positions, while preserving their core values. The DNC is so far left that you can only see half of their face, sometimes a quarter.

Republican "core" values are what American's want, embrace, are willing to die for and believe in. The one issue that is not embraced by the core of Americans is the extremist anti-abortion activism. I say it's time to rid the Republican Party of the anti-abortion hard right fanatics. Lets "purge" and refocused on the issues and matters that make the Republican Party the heart and soul of America..............................