Monday, October 10, 2005

Healthy Discussion or Split In Republican Party?

Over the weekend we continued to watch about half of the hard right and self defined intellectual elite of the Republican party stay out on the ledge after the Miers nomination. Some jumped but most are simply hanging on by a toe. I'm no constitutional law guy for sure but reading many different blogs and articles, it appears that the resentment and opposition falls into a couple main categories:

1) One Issue Anti-Abortion Conservatives: in the party only to pressure for the reversal of Roe vs. Wade. Don't care really about any other issue, they are all in on Roe vs. Wade and that issue only.

2) The Intellectual Elite: lots of lawyer bloggers and conservative establishment types have been saying, how could you choose her? We told you the best candidates and given our masterful understanding on this matter you should have listen to us and done as we bid you Mr. President.

3) Hard Core Wanting A Fight: those who wanted Armageddon and not caring that the politics of the day dictate that now is not the best time for that battle.

4) Concerned About Christian Beliefs: those concerned that Miers Christianity is a liability. Could almost fall under #2 as a sub item I'd say.

5) Unhappy Conservatives Following the Herd: conservatives who are not happy with the spending in Washington by the party that is suppose to be fiscally responsible, and are joining the herd with Miers as the sounding board. I count myself as unhappy about separation from some of the core conservative values, but not Miers.

6) Sexists: I give this little to no credibility. Those so up in arms I don't think are angry that the nominee is a woman, rather they are angry that she is not "their" woman.

I think the order above is the correct order as well for those who have been most vocally against the Miers nomination. Each is stating their case for being "owed" more respect, consultation, and influence on the nomination. Their candidate was not selected and they are mad, disappointed, and threatening to quit in some cases. Well as I've said before, go ahead and quit.

News flash to each group represented above, you have no special standing within the party that qualifies you to direct the selection of President Bush's nominees. If your pissed about it and your a One Issue Anti-Abortion pundit, then elect a candidate for President who has the same one issue in their platform and that issue only. If your an Intellectual Elite, then elect a like qualified Intellectual Elite in the primary in 2008. If your a sexist then just get lost. If your leery of a Born Again Christian, then elect someone in the 2008 primary who is not a Born Again Christian, or perhaps an atheist. Those who just wanted a fight, go fight with each other.................

If your an unhappy conservative following the herd, then gain some perspective and do something about what your unhappy about and influence policy. I'm not happy about the deficit and the Pork-Fest like all true conservatives. We should make our displeasure crystal clear to our officials and see to it that it gets the appropriate focus. If your unhappy about a drift in Washington away from conservative principles, then do something real about it. Following the Miers malcontents because its in fashion on the hard right for the moment is hollow and void of rational. Beside that, where are you going to go?

George Bush nor any Republican I have ever voted for President represented me 100% on all issues. However everyone has represented me by a margin no lower than 80% I'd say. I've never voted for a Democrat for President and that is because none has represented my views by more than probably 25%. It's easy math for me. No one will represent everyone 100%, but the alternative is not even close to an alternative.

All this would be troubling if we did not have a DNC bought and controlled by Howard Dean,, and George Sorros as the opposition party. Thank God for that gang of dysfunctional misfits. When you have an opposition party as far away from the American mainstream as the Democrats, it certainly puts the debate within the Republican party into a healthy perspective......

You would not know that the current Republican conflict pales in comparison to the table the DNC has set from reading articles like this one from WaPo:


I'm not saying all is rosy in the RNC today it isn't. However that said compared to the Dean-MoveOn-Sorros camp, the RNC is much more appealing even with the current Miers debate.....