Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Is Miers the Republican Jacksonian Nominee

Hugh Hewitt has a post up that includes an email from a reader with analysis on the current completion of the "elite" Supreme Court academic make up titled "This E-mail's Handy Chart" at the bottom of the post:


The summary would be:

Eight of the ten earned a total of fifteen degrees from Stanford, Harvard or Yale. The other two held degrees from very good private universities.

Not that there is anything wrong with Stanford, Harvard or Yale. To borrow from Jerry Steinfeld, "not that there is any thing wrong with that if that is what you are". They are the best and most "elite" law schools in the country. It's good and important to have heavy thinkers on the court with such "elite pedigrees" that have a deep understanding of constitutional law. That said we have a few too many I think that have that "elite" pedigree with a singular qualification of constitutional law and who have never lived in the "Real" world or did live in it long ago but also left long ago.

If Meirs is a conservative like the President assures she is, and he is willing to put his "Legacy" on the line that she will not legislated from the bench, that's good enough for me. I trust the President, I don't trust the self appointed elitist conservative talking heads and the one issue anti-abortionist pundits on this matter.

I won't let the fact that she comes from just a good College of Law within the walls of a Texas Methodist University better know for producing "great" running back of the past, diminish that she is the right person per the President. A degree opens doors to your discipline, what you do after you walk through the door is what qualifies you within that discipline. She obviously does not have the typical SCOTUS Justices pedigree, but she seems to bring something to the party that is not in place currently. That would be a "real world" perspective of practicing law and making it to the top in the then world of a male business. It's only important to note that it was a male dominated business to show she had the ability and drive to make it to the top. And even after doing so, she is still a person of conservative values because obviously she has a strong compass guided by strong values.

After making it to the top she has done so much more practical real world law work for top of the real world companies and on real world issues that we common people understand and can relate to. Seriously, talking head elitist conservatives, I don't need you to decide my opinion on this, trust me I don't. I also believe that she will not make her fellow Justices feel incompetent about their short comings in the real legal world that they really have no knowledge of and no experience in.

Miers seems to be a Republican Jacksonian Justice, a candidate who is a common person who has risen to the top of her profession because of her inner drive, determination and ability. Me as a common man who has done much the same as Ms. Miers professionally, would take Ms. Miers over all the other options on the current SCOTUS as my personal attorney. I'd prefer to have her in my real person legal world than the "elitists" who never lived here or moved away a very long time ago.............

Is it not time for a Jacksonian Republican Revolution, where the American people regain control of what is happening from a legal perspective in Washington? I think that it is time and I think that logic is a big part of the nomination strategy that will grow stronger and stronger. I'm sure I'm late to the party on this but look for the President to promote his Republican Jacksonisan Justice to the people as one of the people and I think it will be a "Huge" hit. I also think the next nominee if Bush gets one will also be a Republican Jacksonian type nominee.....................

The "Elitist" have done their part to pave the road for the Jacksonian Justice Mires and they have set things up very well for the coming strategy I think...............