Tuesday, August 02, 2005

Ray Hartman To Steer Shaky STL ACLU

An interesting blog and post here from Stop The ACLU:

ACLU Trouble In STL

The blogs focus and intent are pretty obvious from the title, and the post focuses in on the recent shake-up of the Eastern Missouri ACLU organization. The groups legal director resigned on July 15th for reasons that have not been revealed (legal director’s resigning for reason not revealed does not sound good).

A member of the groups legal steering committee also resigned in July, for the following reason, “I lost confidence in the local ACLU, and I resigned”. Again a member of the legal steering committee and the legal director resigning for reasons not fully known does not sound promising.

The part that caught my interest is that Ray Hartman was elected Board President. Yes that ultra-liberal, screaming, ranting, Ray Hartman from Donnybrook. I loved his reason for wanting the job, pointing to his media experience, he said, “I’m in an unusually good position to give us a higher visibility on a lot of issues than we’ve had.”

Well I’m not sure being the founder & former owner of the Riverfront Times and being a panelist on Donnybrook rate you up there as a “high exposure” kind of guy. I do believe from what I’ve seen of Hartman’s politics however, that he will continue to alienate and drive away more moderates and left of center moderates from the ACLU given his highly divisive and ultra-left positions. Just watch the guy on Donnybrook and listen to his extremely out of touch rational for his political positions and you will see what I mean by that. A Moon bat if there ever was one……………………………..

Does not sound like the perfect match for an organization that has high profile people jumping overboard and is moving fast in a counter direction from mainstream America…………………………………….Sounds more like a train wreck...................