Friday, August 05, 2005

Best Defense Against Suicide Car Bombers

From the Navy Times and part of a link in the Belmont post below, comes a report of a sure fire way to deal with suicide car bombers:

Navy Times

A military-aged male stood with his hands up near the vehicle as Uremovich’s Stryker crosses the bridge. Just then a pickup truck approached rapidly in the opposite lane. From inside the Stryker, Staff Sgt. Jason Hughes rotated the remotely-operated .50 caliber machinegun atop the vehicle and fired off a three-round burst at the truck. The pickup exploded violently within 50 feet of the Stryker.

Uremovich, who was standing up in the front hatch of the Stryker, ducked down as the truck disintegrates, hurling the engine block into the front of the armored vehicle. “Everybody OK?!” Hughes shouts, turning around to check the nine infantrymen and two Army Times reporters in the back of the vehicle. Again, no Americans are injured in the blast.

A burst of .50 caliber lead in the kisser of a vehicle loaded with explosives, has but one outcome, a very large and violent explosion. Thankfully in this case only the insurgent suicide bomber was blown up. Good shooting Staff Sgt. Jason Hughes, good shooting……………………………….