Friday, July 15, 2005

Rove Inquiry Shifts Focus To Journalists

The latest on the Plame-Wilson-Rove-Novak story:


We have new evidence via a “leak” (don’t you just love it) that shows in prior grand jury testimony, Rove disclosed that Novak told him that Valerie Plame worked for the CIA. Novak called Rove and told him that he planned to run a story revealing that Plame worked for the CIA and on her husband’s travels to Africa to check on the claims that Iraq was trying to buy yellow cake from Niger.

Well in the two pieces of factual evidence we have, both move Rove further and further way from any wrong doing. Also the question of whether Plame really was an active undercover agent is seriously in doubt now. Per Wilson himself, he admitted on CNN yesterday that “my wife was not a clandestine officer the day that Novak blew her identity”. If that’s the case then this whole story and investigation looks like a bunch of nothing that is a complete political farce. Leaks every where, here a leak there a leak every where a leak, leak………………………………..

This whole incident is looking more and more like a leaky bunch of nothing except a partisan attempt to give political pay back, and a whole lot of questions about how MSM reporters do their job and report the news. Michael Rosen has an article up today that sums up the shifted focus that is correctly directed at the MSM related to the Plame issue:


This story is starting to focus in on the MSM and the way the MSM conduct their business. This story could very well end up exposing yet another example of activism journalism, and show just how far the MSM has separated from their duty, that being report the news straight and truthfully……………………