Tuesday, July 05, 2005

Watching Lemmings Reconstruct Their Credibility

A great post about the MSM by Captain Ed @ Captain's Quarters

Captain's Quarters

It's a review of the Minneapolis Star Tribune's "Lets Get Bush To Restore Our Credibility" editorial. A sad but accurate state of affairs in today's MSM.

Captain Ed hits the true purpose of the press right on the head of the nail here:

But more than that, Fitzgerald points to the central problem with the press, the reason why people have learned to mistrust it. The central mission of a free press isn't to "hold authority accountable" -- it's to report the truth. If the truth holds authority accountable, then so be it, but to say that the press should automatically take opposition to all authority reveals a bias and a desire for foregone conclusions

What a novel and great concept, report the news in a truthful unfiltered manner that does not require the promotion of a certain liberal standard or agenda. Imagine if you can...................................