Sunday, June 12, 2005

Jean Carnahan Is A George Sorros Sponsored Blogger

I saw a bumper sticker on a car today in West County that had the following:

I have never seen such a bumper sticker so tonight I looked for the site. Nothing came up but I did find a site that I think might be associated with it.

Responsible Government

Basically the Missouri Socialist Democratic party web site in the sprit of MoveOn, but with a Missouri DNC slant. Lots of postings about God, churches, church bells, values, etc. The DNC knows that they have been squarely identified as a party who's platform does not match the values of a huge majorities of Americans. So what to do? Well get Jean Carnahan to be the front for a blog that is attempting to give the Missouri DNC the critical requirement of "having mainstream American values" as well as "Missouri mainstream values". Well that's sort of like the old saying you can put perfume on a pig, but..........................

So that's what Jean is up to these days, she blogs for George Sorros the Responsible Government gang.

Blogger Jean

This site hates Bush of course and has lots of loony moonbat posts about Bush, but man do they hate Blunt. The Socialist Democratic Missouri party does not like their current status of being completely irrelevant and powerless in state politics. Well they better develop an appetite for it because I don't see that changing for some time......................

Bottom line on the blog site, pretty weak but give them credit they are trying. Problem is you don't import values and have them stick unless the values are in the party platform. The values they are trying to present on the blog are not the values of the DNC...............