Thursday, June 02, 2005

Post's Big Fish Story

I'm going to play editor this PM for the Post Dispatch. Lets see what shall we publish today and where?

Well this is a really big story right here in STL, that looks like an excellent candidate for the front page lead


Well its in section B but did not make front page. Probably too damaging to the DNC bias that the Post Peddles.

Ok so how about Kofi Annan finally firing some of the UN criminals? The Post loves international news, especially when people die in Iraq. They cover that on the front page a great deal and this is an Iraq story


No, it's only good for a very small spot on A13 as one of several small World Articles.

Ok then there must be a really big story knocking these two off the front page then. Well what is it?

Big Story

Nice, front page story don't you think?