Wednesday, June 01, 2005

East St. Louis DNC Political Shame

More great news (not really) and exposure for the little blue dot city in the sea of red (E. STL is STL and more MO than IL if your wondering):


Ellis described a need "to pay the voters to come out." Well yes that happens at a very high frequency in predominately DNC zones, it's in the DNC play book.

On Oct. 30, the St. Clair County Democratic Party provided $67,000 to Ellis and other East St. Louis Democrats to get out the vote. No county party officials are charged in the case. Of course not, they selected a money person who was not in the inner circle of the DNC for just this reason.

Kern trailed about 4,000 votes behind Republican Steve Reeb in votes tallied by the county clerk, but won by about 4,000 when the East St. Louis totals came in.

Well if you don't have a blind agenda and are logical, what do you say happened? Think there might be some grease money at work to put Kern over the top? Well as long as blue dots run elections in that manner, they won't get credible investment capital in their city. That is why metro STL died and although it is coming back a bit, it has a very, very, very long ways to go. The City is even looking at joining the county, that tells you pretty much what you need to know.

This is beyond sad, people on the bottom of the social latter getting prostituted by the DNC over and over again for $10. Well if they cashed out, the hell with the voters of the region Right? And you know what, if the voters took the $10 bucks and discredited themselves, the hell with them also. They deserve the DNC agenda.......