Wednesday, June 01, 2005

Worst Bill McClellan Article Ever

Might seem like I'm picking on Bill but the column he wrote today requires comment. Why? Well it was probably the worst column I've ever read from a prominent columnist in a mid to major newspaper. Not because of a liberal bias but because it was just really poor journalism:

Bill's Worst

I read it twice just to make sure that I did not miss a point, a twist or a sarcastic hidden point. That's Bill style and why I like reading his article even if I don't agree with his premise. I did not find a new revelation on the second read but what I did read was an article where a columnist pretty much fawned over his son's tennis accomplishments.

Fawning over your kids is a good and admirable thing, I say, but not when you do it in your column in a mid-major newspaper. If you had a point, if you had an Ah huh moment or a revelation that came out of the article then the fawning to get there is fine. Pure fawning however is not acceptable in this circumstance.

I thought Bill would make a sarcastic point that supported his anti Iraq war stance with this lead in:

"McClellan's never advance." We may not be aggressive in war - OK, we are not aggressive in war and prefer to remain in the rear with the gear - but tennis, it seems, is different. Jack had the ghost of the Army of the Potomac at his side as he moved forward toward the net. I could hear the soldiers whispering in the ranks. "General, you sure you want to move forward? Aren't we headed toward our opponent?" He won the final two sets.

It never developed and then he ended with more fawning:

All in all, it was a wonderful season, even if the number five player on the third-place team didn't get a lot of ink.

Huh? The only interesting thing I found in the article was the ghost comment he put in his "charge the net paragraph". Could it be that Bill read my blog and that was an article directed at me from this post?

ghost code?

Of course not, I'm just a new media blogger and no serious journalist would write an article based on reading a blog, right? Well maybe if they are in fact haunted by a ghost........................Fact is that Bill's article had nothing to do with my blog I say, so back to the article.

I mean this is beyond an egg or bad article, its a rotten article. Just terrible journalism and total lack of quality. Bill take a vacation and come back in about two weeks and start over, Ok?