Monday, May 02, 2005

0-10 Dial - Most Live Right of Five

I was thinking about the distribution of the American Voters and where they live on my "Political Dial". What is my political dial, well its a knob that has a placement from 0 to 10. Each position on the dial represents the disturbing of the home political base of our fellow citizens. Here is how it looks for me:

Dial Range Left: 0-2 Ultra Liberal-Communist Leanings; 3 Socialist Philosophy - Current DNC and MSM American style; 4-5 Moderate Liberal-Open To Different Opinions

Dial Range Right: 10-9 Ultra Conservative Neo-Cons; 8-7 Values Conservatives; 6-5 Moderate Conservatives-Open To Different Opinions but know their base is right.

Here is how I see the distribution from the 2004 Election data 52% Bush - 48% Kerry:

0-2: 15% of the DNC. These are the hard core anarchists who hate democracy and apply violence to over throw democracy and the people who hate America.
3: 20% Socialist and want to apply a Socialist Democratic government here in American. We will take your money and make sure it does the good of the country. FDR Style only at a Much Higher tax rate. Trust us they say..........................
4-5: 15% Moderate Dems, mostly southern and western. No union - socialist ties that obstruct their views. Lots of African Americans and Hispanics in this position realizing that their values are better served by the middle, to right of middle.

5-6: 22% Moderate Republicans who are left of center on one or two issues but have a very strong Values influence.
7: 10% Moderate Conservative Republicans, open to views and discussions, but are pretty good with the Values platform of the RNC. Faith secure without mixing with politics
8-9: 15% Hard Care Conservative, limited government, less taxes, reduce federal government and bordering on Libertarian on the 9+ scale.
10: 5% Libertarians who want zero government, end it and make it a state only legislation with very weak state jurisdiction.

I think that the Right of Center Dial has a large and growing frequency that makes sense to more and more people. That is what we showed in 11/2004 and what I think we will see on an increasing level over the next several. I think that the African American and Hispanic voters will begin to find the 5-7 click more and more their "true" home and that's a good thing. We need many more African Americans and Hispanics in the RNC in what I think is the natural and correct alignment. An increased African American and Hispanic ownership of the RNC party will continue to make it the party of the American People.