Monday, May 02, 2005

Big Cards Comeback

The Cardinals just scored seven runs to take the lead over the Cincinnati Reds in the top of the ninth, most with two outs (five). The Red's were up by "nine to three" when the frame started. Huge come back and I will go ahead and post it as a Big Cards come back win, even with the bottom of the frame to go. Go Cards.......................

Update: Double pay with first base and second base occupied and one out, got the double play for the biggest comeback this year. Cincinnati has four big issues as I see it: 1) No closer 2) Bad management 3) A big error making first base man 4) Playing the team that is the even money bet to win it all this year.

I'm an Atlanta Braves fan but my current home town team in STL is a close second and I root for them against everyone besides the Braves.