Monday, May 02, 2005

Senator Hagel Really A Red State Guy?

Hugh Hewitt has a good post on Senator Chuck Hagel's appearance on "Face the Nation" with host Bob Schieffer, titled "Senator Hagel gets pretty much everything wrong"

Hagel Haggle

I don't get Hagel and Nebraska? I'd think that a guy from the Very Big Red State with most residents right of center would have a better grasp of his constituency and the dynamics in general. How does Hagel get re-elected?

Seems to me that he is doing some early positioning for his predicated run for President in 2008. Problem is that he is fishing for moderate Democrat votes and he might get them. Problem is that there won't be any Republican votes in the hoper if he does not do his job and get the Presidents nominees an up or down vote, every one of them.