Friday, November 04, 2005

St. Louis Post Dispatch Liberal Editor Soetber Resigns

This is great news for the people of St. Louis and the subscribers of the Post Dispatch!!!!! Ms. Soetber was an "extremely" liberal editor that promoted and allowed an extreme liberal bias in the coverage of news, especially political new at the Post Dispatch. Her resignation is a sign that a more balanced and creditable grounding will now direct how the Post Dispatch reports news to their subscribers.

Post Editor Resigns

Soetber's replacement Arnie Robbins is as liberal and biased as Soetber, but one has to think that as revenue plunges and jobs are lost because of the papers liberal bias, he has a clue what needs to be done. If he continues on the failed route of liberal bias that Soetber promoted, more jobs will be lost at the Post and he to will be replaced. He does not impress me as the type of person who has the metal or impartiality to do what needs to be done at the St. Louis Post Dispatch. I give him less than 12 months.

We are probably two more editors away from a fair and balanced person in control at the Post Dispatch, but we are making progress. Excuse me for enjoying the moment and embracing the possibility that we could within the next few years have a relevant and credible newspaper here in St. Louis again. Can you image reading your home town St. Louis newspaper without it being a disgusting regurgitation of liberal talking points? Ahhh, what a refreshing thought and one that I think we could see soon.

Post management has to understand that the socialist agenda that they have promoted all these years is obsolete. It was in vogue back in the mid-sixties and early seventies but then America woke up and gained some perspective. America has move to the right and will stay there from the foreseeable future. Give your subscribers fair and balanced news without a political agenda and you will have a successful paper. Continue with the liberal agenda and more layoffs and a continued spiral of credibility will pore down the drain. I don't expect or want a paper that does not question the establishment or hide criticism that is warranted. I need and desire such news. However, don't stage it with liberal talking points that are agenda driven and come from a political bias. That agenda has fallen off the bridge and no one, I mean no one is willing to buy that crap any longer. I need a "Watch Dog" but the dog has to hunt both left of center issues as well as right of center issues. The Watch Dog has to hunt the "whole" field..........................

A "political hack" has resigned her position as St. Louis Post Dispatch Editor today and that can only make the paper a better publication and a better product. I hold out high hopes for the Post Dispatch in the coming years...........................................