Wednesday, November 23, 2005

Don't Let Cranberries Ruin Thanksgiving Dinner

There is no doubt that my favorite holiday from a dinning perspective is Thanksgiving. What a spread of great food that is pleasing from every sense: taste, smell and appearance. I can’t wait to partake tomorrow…………..

Rob Dreher of the Corner has a post up about Thanksgiving food and comments on the cranberry sauce mistake:

Dreher @ The Corner

Dreher is encouraging readers to make cranberry sauce from real cranberries and not use the canned version. It does not sound like that much work to whip it up from scratch, but even if you do go with the canned version, for god’s sake at least chop it up with a spoon so it does not look like a can sitting there…………..

I don’t know if there is anything that blows the whole visual presentation of a great Thanksgiving spread like cranberry sauce sitting on its serving dish with can lines and retaining the inside form of the can it was dumped out of……………………..