Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Woodward Pops Last Bit of Air In Plame-Gate Balloon

Woodward pops the last of the "Plame-gate" air out of the extreme lefts balloon:


Unbelievable that the Nixon-Slayer would be the one, simply incredible. Here is the last rush of air:

Woodward again questioned the importance of the case. "When it all comes out - and hopefully it will come out - people will see how casual and offhand this was," he told King.

"Remember, the investigation and the allegations that people have printed about this story is that there's some vast conspiracy to slime Joe Wilson and his wife, really attack him in an ugly way that is outside of the boundaries of political hardball," Woodward said.

"The evidence I had firsthand - a small piece of the puzzle, I acknowledge - is that that was not the case."