Thursday, November 17, 2005

Bob Woodward A Government Mole Per Lefty Bloggers

The moonbats are flying fast and hard this "full moon":


Per the dem underground, seems that there is a growing suspicion that Bob Woodward is a government mole:

Many have previously speculated about Bob Woodward's role as a "mole" for the government. Here is another piece of possible evidence showing his involvement with the dark side. Could this be an attempt to undermine the efforts of the Special Prosecutor?

More proof that the heads are exploding hard and fast on the left over the fact that the Plame investigation and the Fitzgerald GJ handed them less than a bone...........

Perhaps blogger C. Herrera @ "A Call To Action" is right and Woodward is a government mole. Probably recruited and placed by Nixon, play those tapes again man...................