Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Cheney Refuses To Allow Dem To Rewrite History

VP Cheney is calling the Dems on the carpets for lying about their history and the factual history on Iraq per WaPo:


He is correct, the Dem strategy is to forget about and lie about their role in history and press on with the "Bush Lied" on Iraq. Its the Clinton was right on the same intel but Bush lied knowing the same intel and we did not lie because we were lied to by Bush with the Clinton intel.................Gateway Pundit has a good wrap on the story and does a much more effective job of covering the story than Michael Fletcher and Jim VandeHei of the agenda based WaPo:


Is it not sad that the MSM won't cover the facts of the story and TV Ads have to be purchased to correct the distortion of the day? Another example of the MSM "falling off the floor". Disgusting..................................