Wednesday, November 23, 2005

Bill Haas Enters Blog Discussion About Him - Refreshing

On the Post Dispatch "Political Fix" blog there is a fascinating post going on right now. The reason I say it's fascinating is the political figure that the posting article focuses on has joined the dialog and is posting and having active dialog about the story:

STL Post Blogs

Bill Haas if a local STL annual political candidate and ex-school board member who also works for Wal-Mart and is defending his employer not only on the blog but at the screening of the movie "Wal-Mart: The High Cost of Low Price". Haas is a self described "liberal democrat" who is proud to work for Wal-Mart. In today's coverage of Wal-Mart by most of the MSM that would qualify as an oxymoron. Haas provides a personal and detailed account of his defense of Wal-Mart at the screening and in general, and the reasoning behind his defense. He also talks honestly about the things he does not agree with his employer about and his thoughts about how it should change.

The fact that a self described liberal is publicly defending Wal-Mart in this manner is refreshing enough for face value reasons, but the more impressive thing to me is that he is actively engaging on the post and blogging about it. He is providing lots of personal insights and reasons for his actions and opinion. Being an active participant in the article focused on him I think gives him a great deal of credibility. Although he and I don't have a lot in common from a political perspective, I do admire him on a personal level for the engagement he is demonstrating here.

If local political figures and candidates want to get on the front wave of the new media communication module and use it to their advantage, I say that they should take lessons and a hint from Mr. Haas...........................................

Also, what a wonderful job Lee Publishing has done this past year with the Post! With its compressive blog offering, we now have interactive discussions and like now sometimes with the person that an article was written about and insightful dialog. Well done, well done indeed Lee Publishing..................................