Friday, October 21, 2005

Ryan Ferguson Guilty of Killing Kent Heitholt

The murder trial of an accused killer of a Sports Editor of a newspaper Editor in Columbia, MO. with testimony that the killer did not read the newspaper here:

Newspaper Killer

An interesting newspaper circulation point from the trial is this:

Crane pointed out that Ferguson’s sister had testified earlier that her brother rarely read the newspaper and that records showed the Ferguson family didn’t have a local daily newspaper delivered.....

So the sister says "we didn't even get the paper", the co-killer told the jury that he "read about in the newspaper":

On cross-examination, Crane asked him about the New Year’s Eve party. "You said he asked if he had been involved with the crime with Mr. Heitholt," Crane said. "How did you know what in the world he was talking about?" "I read the newspaper," Ferguson said.

Sounds like he reads the Columbia Tribune On-line (it does have a great web-based product), or bought it out of the paper box. That has to rate as one of the worst arguments of having the information in question. It also sounds like a killer is going to jail for murder to me.......................


In from the AP, Ryan Ferguson is guilty and will be going to the "Big House" for his participation in the murder of a "man" who happened to be a newspaper editor:

sentencing tba