Thursday, October 20, 2005

Counter Attack On ACLU Christmas Attack

When the "extremist" ACLU attacks and attempt to block our right to celebrate our historical Christmas season in the coming days, and they will attack, I have a suggestion, counter attack! Here is an idea, practice "free speech" and have those who support our rights to express our Christmas traditions in public places including government property simply "dress in character". If citizens showed up dressed as Mary, Joseph, Shepards, and Kings, and congregate for awhile they would be completely within their rights. No one could do anything about that, there is no law that regulates dress and expression in this matter. It's time to use the law to protect our rights and rational expectations on this matter just as the ACLU has been using the law to marginalize our rights. Those who disagree with the ACLU on this matter, simply need to act and act under the law that protects and guarantees their rights to do so.

The ACLU even wants to outlaw "Christmas Colors" (red & green) Christmas trees and Santa Claus Christmas Colors None are near or close to "religious" but they do put one's focus on Christmas which makes the ACLU break-out in hives.

So if your kid's school prohibits Santa Claus and Christmas Parties this year, get about 20 dads together and take turns while taking the kids to school to dress in a red suit with a red hat, a white fake beard and laugh with a jolly tune in a Ho-Ho key. Every event leading up to Christmas should have parents dressed "head" to "toe" in the Christmas message. You don't need the school to promote the celebrations, you and the other parents can do it and do it much more effectively....................