Saturday, October 22, 2005

Kofi & UN Sex Down the Mehlis Report

So we pour our blood and huge amounts of money into the middle east to bring about change and democracy, and the UN is sexing down the "Mehlis" report because they are afraid of creating "instability" in Syria? The Jerusalem Post is reporting that UN Secretary Kofi Annan requested that the connection to the Bashar Assad family be removed from the report:

J Post

As incredible as is sounds, here is what Kofi and the UN did:

A diplomatic source reported that Annan had an interest in removing the name of Syrian President Bashar Assad's brother and brother-in-law, along with other important Syrian officials, from the list of suspects in the Hariri killing.

Annan, according to speculations, was concerned that the harsh report could cause political instability in Syria, perhaps even leading to an overthrow of the Assad regime, and thus preferred a watered-down version of the report.

Well, is not instability that causes the removal of the terrorist Assad regime exactly what we want? This is beyond belief and for me another crystal clear example that the UN does not want real change in the middle east. Seems that their position is that keeping things status quo gives them job security, and provides limited incentive for the UN to help really bring about change in the middle east.

Makes you wonder just how much "faster & quicker" democracy and real changes would occur in the middle east if the UN did not exist........................